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My aim is to work in a challenging and stimulating environment, where I can learn and deliver my best for the dynamic growth of the organization as well as my career in the field of Research and Teaching. 

          Presently I'm working as a “Senior Consultant | Physical Risk Lead” at Environmental Resources Management (ERM) India Pvt. Ltd. My research focuses on studying the PAST, understanding the PRESENT, and predicting the FUTURE of Climate. My research bestows compelling evidence that the natural variability on decadal-to-multidecadal (D2M) timescales in the Pacific and extratropical North Atlantic Oceans extremely affects the climate of India, which raises the possibility that the regional SST variability of the Pacific and the extratropical North Atlantic may provide supplementary information that will improve monsoon predictions over India. 

     I’m open to collaborate with Researchers/Academicians working on Science problems related to Monsoonal variability and its teleconnections, Climate variability and Change, Extreme Weather and Climate Events, and the application of Statistical/Dynamical techniques in Atmospheric and Oceanic Predictability.

RAC Meeting
IITM, 2020
21-02-2020 to 22-02-2020
EGU General Assembly 2020
04-05-2020 to 08-05-2020


RAC Meeting 
IITM, 2021
05-02-2021 to 12-02-2021
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